Mr & Mrs Jones

    As part of my New Year’s Resolution for my business, I am going to be better at blogging and not putting it on the back burner for when I “have time”. (oops) That being said…

    Jenn and I went to kindergarten together, so I guess you could say that we have known each other for a while. A few years ago, I took engagement pictures of Jenn & Ardell, but I never dreamed of taking their wedding pictures! These two are one of the sweetest couples that I have ever met. They are both kind, gentle people and they are just perfect together! Being a part of their wedding was an absolute pleasure! Enjoy some of my favorites from their special day!


    _DSC1448_DSC1450_DSC1454-tile_DSC1456_DSC1461_DSC1477_DSC1483-tile_DSC1497_DSC1501-tile_DSC1509_DSC1526_DSC1539_DSC1546-tile_DSC1551_DSC1557_DSC1560-tile_DSC1565_DSC1568_DSC1570_DSC1573_DSC1576_DSC1578_DSC1581-tile_DSC1583_DSC1591-tile_DSC1605_DSC1610-tile_DSC1620_DSC1621_DSC1686-tile_DSC1696_DSC1700-tile_DSC1724_DSC1759_DSC1770_DSC1780_DSC1787-tile_DSC1801_DSC1803-tile_DSC1810_DSC1812-tile_DSC1823-tile_DSC1826_DSC1834_DSC1837_DSC1842_DSC1856_DSC1864_DSC1867_DSC1869_DSC1870_DSC1907-tile_DSC1918_DSC1931_DSC1951-tile_DSC1977_DSC1985_DSC1994_DSC1998_DSC2005_DSC2008_DSC2013_DSC2016-tile_DSC2034-tile_DSC2036_DSC2041_DSC2049_DSC2052-tile_DSC2062_DSC2070_DSC2072_DSC2086_DSC2089_DSC2097_DSC2103_DSC2110_DSC2113_DSC2119_DSC2123_DSC2137_DSC2152_DSC2154_DSC2159_DSC2165_DSC2170_DSC2183_DSC2191_DSC2275_DSC2279_DSC2298-tile_DSC2302Thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day!

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    Megan & Seth| Sweet Briar Engagement Session

    Let me just go on record by saying that I am so glad that this couple is a couple. I am even more glad that they are getting married… IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK!  I consider myself so blessed to be given the opportunity to take my best friend’s engagement pictures. I am so happy for Megan & Seth and I cannot wait to see them get married and spend the rest of their lives together.

    Enjoy my favorites from their engagement session!_DSC0884_DSC0885-tile_DSC0890_DSC0892_DSC0894-tile_DSC0900_DSC0906_DSC0913_DSC0916_DSC0933_DSC0949_DSC0961_DSC0966_DSC0969-tile_DSC0977-tile_DSC0982_DSC0984_DSC0999_DSC1003_DSC1006_DSC1019_DSC1045_DSC1055_DSC1058_DSC1067_DSC1069-tile_DSC1038_DSC1118_DSC1124_DSC1139_DSC1141_DSC1167-tile_DSC1177_DSC1191_DSC1199_DSC1214-tile_DSC1229-tileI love you guys! Congratulations!

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    Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    I would formally like to invite you to the most precious wedding I have ever been to. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with cuteness & perfection just bursting forth from these two. I cannot express how much it means to me that I got the opportunity to be a part of AJ & Hannah’s wedding day… it was like living a dream!

    Hannah asked me last year if I would be interested in being their wedding photographer and to be honest, I think I felt my neck to make sure I still had a pulse! You know, as a photographer, there are those couples that you see and you think, “Oh my gosh, if that perfect, adorable couple would even ask me to be their photographer, I might die.” Well I had one of those moments and it actually came true! (I didn’t die though, no worries!)

    This was honestly my most favorite wedding that I have been to so far in my life. The location for both the ceremony and the reception were absolutely wonderful and a perfectly perfect fit for AJ & Hannah. (I’m kind of biased because I will be having my wedding and reception at the same exact locations, but you seriously cannot go wrong with Brenneman Chapel & Highland Vue Farms!)

    I have so many favorites to share with all of you! Take a peek!
    _DSC9626_DSC9632_DSC9636_DSC9642_DSC9648_DSC9651_DSC9655_DSC9656_DSC9662_DSC9664_DSC9752-tile_DSC9741_DSC9721_DSC9720_DSC9713-tile_DSC9702_DSC9678_DSC9676_DSC9673_DSC9768_DSC9927-tile_DSC9923-tile_DSC9921_DSC9912_DSC9907-tile_DSC9905_DSC9834_DSC9824_DSC9818_DSC9812-tile_DSC9808_DSC9795_DSC9781_DSC9777One of the best parts of this wedding was all of the beautiful details that were so perfect for these 2!_DSC9933-tile_DSC9970-tile_DSC9960_DSC9955_DSC9938-tile_DSC9936_DSC0011-tile_DSC0023-tile_DSC0025_DSC0033-tile_DSC0041_DSC0086-tile_DSC0048Okay, so this is the best thing ever. The pastor asked everyone to reach out their hands towards the couple as they prayed over their marriage. Oh my word! Such precious moments that I get to experience!_DSC0106_DSC0108_DSC0112_DSC0110_DSC0116-tile_DSC0129Clearly, you two are perfect for each other!_DSC0281-tile_DSC0322-tile_DSC0411-tile_DSC0427_DSC0418_DSC0384_DSC0433_DSC0439_DSC0464_DSC0485The getaway car…LOVE IT! These are some of my favorite pictures!_DSC0493-tile_DSC0499_DSC0506_DSC0514_DSC0524_DSC0529_DSC0531_DSC0533_DSC0534_DSC0536_DSC0538-tile_DSC0589-tile_DSC0662_DSC0646-tile_DSC0602-tile_DSC0664_DSC0671-tile_DSC0684_DSC0691_DSC0700_DSC0738_DSC0740_DSC0748_DSC0751_DSC0772_DSC0775_DSC0813_DSC0816This right here is called “dancing with your cake”. That’s what you do when they play a slow song & you don’t have a date._DSC0818_DSC0835_DSC0840_DSC0861_DSC0857_DSC0805_DSC0850Oh my! This blog post means so much to me. I love you two & I pray that God will bless your marriage immensely!

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    Mr. & Mrs. Schmalhofer

    Meagan and I met a few years back when we were both working at our summer jobs at Camp YoliJwa, which just happens to be where she also met Seth! These two are about the cutest, sweetest couple ever!

    As I traveled up and over the mountain in Pennsylvania with a BEAUTIFUL view of all the fall colors, and I was headed towards Meagan’s family’s cabin where the ceremony would be taking place, I just knew that I would fall in love with this wedding. This October wedding just screamed “Meagan & Seth”! The way they portrayed their personalities through their wedding day was absolutely magical. I don’t think it could have been any more perfect for them!

    Enjoy my favorites from this beautiful wedding at the cabin in the woods!

    _DSC8170_DSC8184-tile_DSC8185_DSC8200_DSC8205_DSC8207_DSC8215-tile_DSC8230_DSC8240_DSC8241_DSC8247_DSC8248_DSC8250_DSC8251_DSC8253_DSC8256_DSC8258_DSC8261_DSC8270_DSC8276_DSC8281_DSC8286_DSC8293Elainna, you are by far the best bridesmaid I have ever worked with. Every wedding needs you in it, you hilarious girl!_DSC8306_DSC8308_DSC8312_DSC8320_DSC8323_DSC8339I absolutely loved these beautiful, rustic bridesmaid’s bouquets! AND look at that insanely awesome boutonniere! Meagan’s grandmother made both!_DSC8346-tile_DSC8365_DSC8369_DSC8374My goodness, Meagan. You are STUNNING!_DSC8389-tile_DSC8394-tile_DSC8396_DSC8428_DSC8441_DSC8448_DSC8455_DSC8500_DSC8506_DSC8509_DSC8513Can’t forget the wedding day selfie!:)_DSC8518_DSC8528_DSC8535-tile_DSC8538_DSC8540_DSC8543_DSC8548_DSC8554_DSC8574_DSC8584_DSC8589_DSC8594_DSC8619_DSC8627These are my kind of girls right here! Playing a little game of Phase 10 to pass the time before the wedding starts! So fun! Nothing like not being super stressed out on your wedding day!_DSC8632-tile_DSC8637_DSC8638Cuteness overload!_DSC8641_DSC8643_DSC8644_DSC8645_DSC8652-tile_DSC8671_DSC8680-tile_DSC8712_DSC8731_DSC8734_DSC8771_DSC8783_DSC8787-tile_DSC8816-tile_DSC8929_DSC8937_DSC8944-tile_DSC8962_DSC8977_DSC8980-tile_DSC8984_DSC8991_DSC9000-tile_DSC9002_DSC9004_DSC9008_DSC9012_DSC9022_DSC9024_DSC9030_DSC9038_DSC9043_DSC9045_DSC9057_DSC9058_DSC9065_DSC9074-tile_DSC9078_DSC9083-tile_DSC9087_DSC9091_DSC9093_DSC9100_DSC9106_DSC9114Meagan wore her mom’s wedding dress for her wedding. Here is what her mom looked like in this dress before Meagan had it altered!_DSC9120-tileCan’t go wrong with a Willow Tree cake topper! How adorable is this cake?!_DSC9125-tile_DSC9128_DSC9135_DSC9138_DSC9145_DSC9174_DSC9191_DSC9200_DSC9202_DSC9210-tile_DSC9219-tile_DSC9242-tile_DSC9248_DSC9258_DSC9260_DSC9261_DSC9265_DSC9275_DSC9277_DSC9291_DSC9299_DSC9300_DSC9311_DSC9346_DSC9350_DSC9356_DSC9357_DSC9393_DSC9411_DSC9416_DSC9422_DSC9431They say love has no age! Grandma was not about to let someone else get the bouquet!_DSC9434_DSC9441As if grandma catching the bouquet was not hilarious enough…_DSC9442_DSC9451_DSC9455_DSC9460_DSC9572_DSC9574_DSC9604_DSC9613_DSC9617_DSC9623Such a fun wedding! Thank you Seth & Meagan for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

    Brittany - November 5, 2014 - 5:11 am

    Erin, these photos are fabulous! you did an awesome job. I enjoyed looking through them. :)

    admin - November 6, 2014 - 3:41 pm

    Thank you so much!

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    Morgan & Todd | Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Proposal

    Over the last couple of years, I have been dedicated to following some of my favorite photographers on Facebook & their photography blogs. Some of my favorite photographers like Katelyn James & Brooke Courtney have had the opportunity to hide in bushes and wear disguises to capture photos of super nervous boyfriends who are proposing to their girlfriends! After seeing their blog posts about it, looking at their pictures, watching adorable proposal videos on YouTube (come on girls, we all do it!), and looking at precious pictures on my Pinterest feed, I have been hoping & praying that maybe one day someone would ask me to be a top secret, disguised photographer for their proposal!

    This summer, I received a message from Todd asking me if there was any way that I would be able to take a trip to Richmond to capture the moment when he would propose to Morgan! I am pretty sure that I screamed of excitement when he asked! Morgan is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met & I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the first 2 years of my college education with her at Liberty! I had met Todd once or twice before, but let’s be honest… once he asked me to do this super special task, he definitely won me over! Morgan, you’ve got a keeper!

    Todd proposed at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia & it was absolutely beautiful! He invited his family, Morgan’s family, and a few of their friends to hide and experience this monumental moment in their lives! I hid in a bush and waited for them to get into place and then I shot away!:)Enjoy the beautiful memories of their proposal below!

    P.S. Men, if you’re wondering if you should have a photographer be there for your proposal, the answer is “YES!”

    Morgan - September 7, 2014 - 7:37 pm

    I love all of them!!! You did an outstanding job!! They’re beautiful!!

    Melinda - September 7, 2014 - 11:48 pm

    Caught a special moment and family time. Congratulations!

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