Woodall Family| Sweet Briar College Family Session

    You may remember the Woodall Family from here or from here! Now that their newest edition, Charlie, is getting a little bit older & the leaves are changing so beautifully, Becky asked if I would capture their family again! I absolutely love this family & I love the opportunity to spend time with them & take their picture. Shyanne actually warmed up to me a little too, so that’s a plus (the bribing from mommy with a pretty awesome mermaid Barbie had NOTHING to do with it…)!

    Take a peak at this beautiful family!_DSC3998-horz_DSC4000_DSC4002_DSC4008_DSC4021_DSC4026_DSC4027-horz_DSC4037_DSC4045_DSC4048_DSC4069-horz_DSC4084_DSC4087-horz_DSC4090_DSC4101_DSC4103-horz_DSC4115_DSC4116_DSC4126_DSC4130_DSC4139_DSC4154_DSC4165_DSC4169_DSC4188_DSC4200_DSC4202-horz_DSC4209_DSC4212_DSC4230_DSC4236-horz_DSC4240_DSC4241_DSC4268_DSC4330_DSC4293_DSC4280_DSC4270-horz_DSC4335_DSC4336_DSC4347_DSC4366

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    Sarah & Dan| Doubling Gap Engagement Session

    Sarah and I are twins. I know, we don’t look ANYTHING alike, but I promise we are (well, not technically…)! We were born on the same exact day, in the same hospital, and we just realized that we most likely had a sleepover together on our first night of life! We joke that we are twins because of this, but we even randomly (and I mean SUPER randomly) say the same exact things at the same exact time— IT’S INSANE! Anyway… I met both Sarah and Dan at church camp and to be honest, I never would have thought that they would be a couple, let alone get MARRIED, but these two are perfect for each other! Sarah & Dan started dating about 2 months before Franklin & I did, and we have shared our excitement over engagement & weddings together! Aren’t best friends great?!:)

    We took these pictures by the lake at the church camp where we all have spent many summers, Camp YoliJwa. It was so special to them & also to me! Here are my favorites!


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    Lauren & Jared| Downtown Lynchburg Engagement Session

    Okay, I am BEYOND excited to be sharing these pictures with you right now! Lauren & Jared are pretty much THE cutest couple I have ever met! Lauren was on my hall freshman year & Jared was in our brother dorm, so it was so nice to be able to catch up a little bit a few weekends ago when we took their pictures! Neither Lauren nor Jared live in Lynchburg anymore, but they were coming to visit a few weekends ago and asked if I would take their engagement photos then. I could not have felt more honored! It was pouring down rain, but Lauren & Jared still wanted to take their pictures and I am SO glad we did! These are some of my most favorite pictures ever taken & I had such a fun time!

    ENJOY! :) _DSC3292_DSC3297_DSC3298-horz_DSC3300_DSC3301_DSC3303_DSC3312_DSC3317-horz_DSC3320_DSC3322_DSC3329_DSC3332_DSC3334_DSC3335_DSC3336-horz_DSC3340_DSC3345_DSC3350_DSC3352_DSC3356_DSC3357_DSC3358_DSC3359_DSC3364-horz_DSC3368_DSC3369_DSC3384_DSC3385_DSC3392_DSC3394_DSC3399_DSC3402-horz_DSC3404_DSC3407_DSC3414_DSC3440_DSC3445_DSC3449-horz_DSC3463_DSC3465_DSC3477_DSC3483-horz_DSC3485_DSC3490_DSC3493_DSC3495_DSC3506_DSC3511_DSC3514_DSC3517-horz_DSC3526_DSC3530_DSC3532_DSC3534-horz_DSC3539_DSC3550_DSC3571_DSC3574-horz_DSC3593_DSC3608_DSC3614

    Bobbie Weiss-Hare - October 9, 2013 - 5:45 pm

    Looking at these beautiful pictures I cannot help whip the tears, I see my grandson as a little curly blond headed boy that has grown to be one fine young man that I respect and love with all my heart. I am so thankful that God sent Jared a beautiful young lady to love and to be my new granddaughter. They are both two blessed people. The pictures are beautiful and I want one of each, please.

    Lakesha - October 10, 2013 - 12:17 am

    These are perfect, Erin (: Truly beautiful!

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    Piper & Kaleb| Downtown Lynchburg Engagement Session

    I am so excited to be sharing these pictures with you, today! I have so many favorites from this session, so I’m posting lots!

    Piper & Kaleb are the cutest couple ever, and I feel so honored to have taken their pictures! My older sister used to work with Piper, so that’s how I met her! She asked me this summer to take her engagement pictures and I was so excited! Enjoy my huge bunch of favorites!

    I love these! I’m so glad Piper thought to go here to start our session!Alright, these next few are precious! Piper, you are gorgeous!This is my new favorite picture! LOVE this one!The one on the right!! AH!I love this too! Work that model face, Piper!Happy Sunday! Let me know YOUR favorites!

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    Charlie Savannah Grace| Monroe Newborn Session

    I am so excited to be sharing these pictures with all of you! As some of you may remember, I took Becky’s maternity pictures in the spring, and while we were taking those pictures, Becky asked me to take Charlie’s newborn pictures once she entered the world! (Okay, I kind of asked her, but she was totally up for it!) I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it back to Lynchburg in time to get the prime newborn shooting time, but we had perfect timing!

    This was my first newborn session, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! It’s a good thing that Charlie doesn’t understand how much I was freaking out about how adorable she is, because she would probably think I’m a freak! Anyway, enjoy my favorites of this little cutie and her family!

    Okay, for starters, I just LOVE these 2 pictures!

    Oh, those little peepers! I love!!How cute are these?! Shyanne just loves her little sister!Be prepared for a black & white overload, but I just love all of these in black and white!

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