Mr & Mrs Leclerc

    I had the pleasure of being a part of Ryan and Kristen’s wedding day in May. It completely blows me away when someone who I have no mutual friends/connections with asks me to photograph them. Most of the people I photograph, I know or know someone who knows them. So when Kristen asked me to photograph her wedding I was absolutely elated! Ryan & Kristen got married at the Avoca Museum in Altavista. I had never been there before their wedding day, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was so gorgeous! If I hadn’t gotten married in Pennsylvania, I would have loved to have gotten married here! Such a beautiful and historical location for a wedding! My New Year’s Resolution to blog in a more timely manner has not stuck. Oops! Even though this post is VERY delayed, enjoy my favorites from Mr & Mrs Leclerc’s wedding!1213_DSC38613_DSC3905_DSC39254_DSC3930_DSC3907_DSC3882_DSC448214_DSC3996_DSC401185_DSC40506_DSC4065_DSC40817_DSC4115_DSC4118_DSC4035_DSC4013_DSC4142_DSC4147910_DSC422511_DSC4380_DSC4375_DSC441612_DSC4414_DSC4406_DSC4384_DSC4292_DSC4313_DSC4354_DSC4468_DSC4551_DSC4557_DSC4619_DSC4590_DSC4605_DSC4632_DSC4653171516201918

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    Lauren| Liberty University Graduate

    May has been one of those months that just FLEW by. At the beginning of the month, I graduated & then the weekend after, I got married! It has been CRAZY! I am finally catching up on all the things that I put aside while I was on my honeymoon.

    A few days before graduation, I had the privilege of taking some photos of this beautiful LU graduate! Lauren is such a sweet, sweet girl. I swear she has a heart of gold! I loved getting to spend the evening with her and take some graduation photos of her. It was an absolute pleasure walking around Liberty’s campus for one last time as a student as Lauren and I took photos and remembered our time as undergrads. I hope these pictures represent Lauren’s time at LU well & that they last a lifetime even after the memories fade.

    Congratulations, Lauren! I pray that the Lord does amazing things through you as a teacher! You’re already rockin’ it!


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    Austin & Katrina

    These cuties are one of my favorite couples out there, simply because they make me laugh and they are adorable together. I have known Austin forever and I have had the pleasure of meeting Katrina a few times prior to their session. Austin asked me if I would be willing to take some pictures of the two of them because of their lack of non-iPhone selfies (even though Austin is a great photographer himself), and I honestly did a little squeal! I love taking pictures of adorable couples and I was even more excited to take photos of these two!

    It was a super cold morning, but Austin and Katrina braved it out & we got some great pictures to prove it! Enjoy my faves!


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    Jordan & Caleb|Lynchburg, Virginia Proposal

    I had the honor of capturing my second proposal. I never, ever thought that I would get the opportunity to shoot a proposal… let alone 2 of them! Proposals are so awesome. There is so much excitement and as the photographer, the nerves are high. I loved seeing Caleb propose to Jordan and I consider myself blessed to be able to capture the sweet moments between them!

    Congratulations you two! _DSC2464_DSC2466_DSC2473_DSC2477_DSC2482_DSC2486_DSC2495_DSC2497_DSC2501_DSC2502_DSC2507_DSC2508_DSC2511_DSC2516_DSC2519_DSC2524_DSC2526_DSC2529_DSC2530_DSC2532_DSC2534_DSC2536

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    Mr & Mrs Jones

    As part of my New Year’s Resolution for my business, I am going to be better at blogging and not putting it on the back burner for when I “have time”. (oops) That being said…

    Jenn and I went to kindergarten together, so I guess you could say that we have known each other for a while. A few years ago, I took engagement pictures of Jenn & Ardell, but I never dreamed of taking their wedding pictures! These two are one of the sweetest couples that I have ever met. They are both kind, gentle people and they are just perfect together! Being a part of their wedding was an absolute pleasure! Enjoy some of my favorites from their special day!


    _DSC1448_DSC1450_DSC1454-tile_DSC1456_DSC1461_DSC1477_DSC1483-tile_DSC1497_DSC1501-tile_DSC1509_DSC1526_DSC1539_DSC1546-tile_DSC1551_DSC1557_DSC1560-tile_DSC1565_DSC1568_DSC1570_DSC1573_DSC1576_DSC1578_DSC1581-tile_DSC1583_DSC1591-tile_DSC1605_DSC1610-tile_DSC1620_DSC1621_DSC1686-tile_DSC1696_DSC1700-tile_DSC1724_DSC1759_DSC1770_DSC1780_DSC1787-tile_DSC1801_DSC1803-tile_DSC1810_DSC1812-tile_DSC1823-tile_DSC1826_DSC1834_DSC1837_DSC1842_DSC1856_DSC1864_DSC1867_DSC1869_DSC1870_DSC1907-tile_DSC1918_DSC1931_DSC1951-tile_DSC1977_DSC1985_DSC1994_DSC1998_DSC2005_DSC2008_DSC2013_DSC2016-tile_DSC2034-tile_DSC2036_DSC2041_DSC2049_DSC2052-tile_DSC2062_DSC2070_DSC2072_DSC2086_DSC2089_DSC2097_DSC2103_DSC2110_DSC2113_DSC2119_DSC2123_DSC2137_DSC2152_DSC2154_DSC2159_DSC2165_DSC2170_DSC2183_DSC2191_DSC2275_DSC2279_DSC2298-tile_DSC2302Thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day!

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